About us:

The partners in this company have between 25 and 30 years of real practical experience at Master level spanning over the pallet from Business strategy and execution, Business optimization, Finance, Management, Project Management, IT infrastructure, Human Resource and Artificial Intelligence.
Our real strength is that our management cover both technology, Human Ressource and finance understanding, which are opposite areas of perception/understanding and are grounds for many miscommunications that have led to many misunderstandings.
In our work with clients we first want to understand the company’s history and DNA, its foundation and justification in the market, before we access any solutions to a company challenge.
Our experience has showed us that most business challenges have their root in circumstances that can be discovered as misbehavior patterns. A search for bottlenecks will reveal the most important areas and focusing on these areas in an 80/20 view will solve the most important challenges. And it will be solved in a fraction of the time compared to a full business process reengineering.
Today we are up against extreme profit driven IT companies that in many cases end up with reengineering projects that takes a normal daily company development as hostage in a substantial time or years to come and when eventually finished the benefits are difficult to spot or the world around has moved in a different expected direction so you must restart a complete new reengineering project.
Our real strength is that we analyze companies and their challenges through the glasses of pattern recognition.
This ability can only be used by people with deep understanding of finance/management areas as well as the Technology areas based on practical experience together with substantial understanding of theory and basic structures within these areas.
Basically, we work as a consultant company where we choose our consultants to be optimal for the task and supervised by our management.
If you would like a fresh inspiration, we look forward to meet your company directors and give a presentation of our experience, and ofcourse you will not be bound to any obligations.
If you already have decided that you want our input, to your present challenge! please describe your situation and we will react promptly within 24 hours.
Our Customers have been some of the biggest IT companies in the world, world leading Shipping firms, Insurance and Banks… We have also achieved the award of Implementing the worlds fastest ERP implementation and a solution that have turned into world standard. Finally, we have restructured and repaired a failed launching of a most crucial solution for Maersk Sealine.
Kindly regards and prompt assistance:
Nickolas Lohmann – Masters in Economy and Commerce
Geir Kirkpatrick Ennis – M.Sc. in Computer Eng.


Our Mission:
  • To meet our customers needs for efficiency and to exceed their expectations.
  • To make our clients so happy and satisfied with the services we provide that they will recommend us to others
  • To influence the local community for the better and contribute to a positiv change


Our values:
  • We do our best to give our clients more than they expected.
  • We are trustworthy and honest about our products, services and partners we use.
  • We want to develop continously and create a green sustainable environment.
  • We are transparent about what we stand for and what charities we support.