Business optimization

Overall business understanding and approach: Decided strategy, history of company, and competition in relation to the market reflection. Second.: Do you have challenges or any issues? – What is the problem exactly.
Is there a certain area you want to improve ? Maybe a priority list ? In this way we will start optimize the areas off highest priority

Finding the obvious bottle necks. Identifying the 80% most important and leaving the 20% minor for next time
The company directors and the optimization team will together decide the areas of improvement. Cost, time and management priority will decide the approach.

General IT-platform Infrastructure: Server strategy, Storage, Workstations, Network, Security must in structured and sufficient way reflect and support the work-task environment.
Different environment will be considered: Management view, Sales, Admin, Production, Customers, in relation to structure, time frames, and performance. All related to the Business strategies, expectations and the Business culture.

General Software platform: Do you have the necessary and the optimal tools to execute the business strategy(shot and long term)
Working procedures evaluation and confirmation.
Human resource, time evaluation and reorganization

Suggested improvements: Most have improvements, Necessary improvements, Would like to have improvements, Nice to have improvements.

Improvements: Measured in ROI, value for employers, customer Value, Short term – long term.

Suggestion for improvement: How to be prepared for future competitive challenges, Improve future know-how and predictions, be aware of customer patterns to lay out the optimal strategy……

No company will being content to accept lesser results than they’re entitled to for their efforts. Instead the leadership demand and accept nothing less than the highest and best outcome for every action they ever take and every activity they ever engage in.

For a company to get success the big task lies to achieve the optimum outcome and getting the greatest return for the least expenditure of time, effort, manpower and money, at the lowest possible risk, while reducing stress, freeing ressources, and providing for consistent control and total predictability. This is where BPA will help your business.