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The essence of IT monitoring is simple to ensure your IT-systems are available and performing to the level expected and required to maintain ‘business as usual’ .

This function allows a system administrator a simple view into their IT estate, and to ensure that IT systems are available at the most basic level.

More advanced monitoring solutions allow detailed views into the operational status of the devices. For instance you can see if your server is up and running,  and make sure the  hard drive doesn’t run out of space. This is called a service check; checking that hard drive is working, that the CPU isn’t 100% busy, etc. This leads us onto the hierarchical approach to monitoring.

Although the task of monitoring whether a host is up or down may seem relatively simple, the potential consequences of the outcome of this check can be huge for an organization reliant on IT systems.

However Business Process Monitoring allows users to view into the performance of their applications, stacks, websites etc, rather than having to look at all the individual components and work it out for themselves. This is what takes an average monitoring tool to the next level in the way that it deals with services and “top down views”, compared to bottom-up views i.e. focusing on business services rather than components within the service.